Big Data

  • Data quality audit.


  • We clean up your data to create a consistent, useful and valuable data lake for your business.


  • We identify, analyse and fix possible data inconsistencies.


  • We create a single data platform that can be used  with the tools available in the market.


  • Data migration and quality assurance.


  • AI algorithms on request.


  • Where we excel: Computer vision, recommendation systems and prediction models.


  • We love to bring technologies  together to serve a variety of business models:  Media, e-commerce, Sport Tech, on-line gamming

Data Insights

  • We analyze data together with the customer to detect insghts.


  • We apply Business intelligence for decision making.


  • Creating dashboards with company data sources.

Recommendation Systems

Entretainment Game on-line


Sport Tech


Perfect for e-commerce platforms

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